Work in progress. Guitar by Tom Monsees vocals Sacha Iskra. ‘Incomplete Metamorphosis ‘.

Work in progress. I’ve been playing around with putting video to one of my songs called Swarm. Christopher Marion plays violin and cello, Sacha Iskra vocals, and Tom Monsees synth.

I shot a quick video of Tripod right before we deinstalled at the Dyckman Farmhouse Museum,  204th street and Broadway NYC. 8/26/17

Music, ‘Claw Bearers’, is by me, Sean Greathead plays guitar and I’m on the synthesizer

DRUM WORK I, Playing at Ultrasound Studios NYC, 8/7/17

Drum Work II, Ultrasound Studios NYC, 8/30/17

Drum Work III Michiko Studio NYC 9/11/17

‘Tripod’, white pigmented cement sculpture by Tom Monsees.  Shown at the Dyckman Farmhouse Museum.  Music by Tom Monsees.